Commission Information

All paintings are made using acrylic paint and a semi-gloss clear coat on 1.5in deep museum quality primed canvas unless otherwise requested in a different medium (ex. charcoal on paper, watercolor, etc.). Each finished canvas painting includes installed hanging hardware and paperwork arrives in a protective clear plastic sleeve.  


I ask for an up-front 50% deposit of the total price to purchase materials and to serve as a commitment from my client. Once receiving the 50% deposit via check, cash, PayPal or Venmo transfer, I notify my client and begin. The remaining 50% plus any additional charges if accrued from delivery or shipping, is due in the form of a check, cash, PayPal or Venmo transfer upon delivery or pick up.

Once the 50% deposit has been received, I ask for four to six weeks to finish the commissioned painting; this allows painting and drying time. If you need the commission to be expedited, a $150 fee will be added to the total cost. I will be sending in-progress photos to keep you up to date with your commission and to give you opportunities for a say in the finished product. I like the work to be a collaboration between myself and the client so that his/her vision is fully realized. Also, I've come to find my clients appreciate being in the loop with their purchase!


Prices and dimensions for square orientations are as follows:

10x10in is $50 (paperwork) & $100 (stretched canvas)

12x12in is $75 (paperwork) & $150 (stretched canvas)

18x18in is $150 (paperwork) & $325 (stretched canvas)

20x20in is $200 (paperwork) & $400 (stretched canvas)

24x24in is $275 (paperwork) & $575 (stretched canvas)

30x30in is $400 (paperwork) & $900 (stretched canvas)

36x36in is $650 (paperwork) & $1,300 (stretched canvas)

42x42in is $875 (paperwork) & $1,750 (stretched canvas)

Prices and dimensions for portrait/landscape orientations are as follows:

8x10in is $50 (paperwork) $100 (stretched canvas)

9x12in is $75 (paperwork) $150 (stretched canvas)

16x20in is $150 (paperwork) & $325 (stretched canvas)

18x24in is $200 (paperwork) & $400 (stretched canvas)

24x30in is $275 (paperwork) & $725 (stretched canvas)

24x36in is $400 (paperwork) & $900 (stretched canvas)

30x40in is $650 (paperwork) & $1,200 (stretched canvas)

36x48in is $875 (paperwork) & $1,750  (stretched canvas)

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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    8x10in, marker on acrylic stained canvas sheet