Biography & Statement

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Adrianna Speer is a visual artist and educator living in Youngsville, Louisiana. She received her BFA from Louisiana State University in Painting and Drawing and her MFA from Louisiana Tech University in Studio Art. Her work has been exhibited nationally in venues including but not limited to Site: Brooklyn in Brooklyn, NY, Verum Ultimum Gallery in Portland, OR, Jones Gallery in Kansas City, MO, and Jag Gallery in Key West, FL. She has also attended national and international artist residency programs such as Taleamor Park in Indiana, Burren College of Art in Ireland, and Atelier de la Rose in France. Speer is a faculty member of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and South Louisiana Community College.


I’m interested in the way experiences create identity, mood, and a sense of place. I am constantly analyzing my mental, physical, and political environments in search of information to answer a simple question: How can I describe this place, how I’m feeling, and this exact moment in a work of art? My goal is to dissect and synthesize details from memories and current events and then reconstruct a spontaneous and personal expression or sometimes a visual narrative.

The process is central to the development of my work and begins with investigating photographs and memories for sensory information. Idiosyncrasies inform colors, media, shapes, and textures. Each painting is composed of a symbolic visual language to imbue the image with a sense of place and consciousness specific to the subject.

My mixed-media approach is experimental as I work to find a balance between compositions that are jarring and harmonious with imagery that evokes a response. Spontaneity mixed with calm is an essential feature for what I want the work to look like and how I wish it to come across to the viewer. I am searching for a combination of elements that gives the viewer a quick and slow visceral read as if the work is simultaneously hiding and revealing itself.