Biography & Statement

Adrianna Speer is a visual artist and educator living in Youngsville, Louisiana. She received her BFA from Louisiana State University in Painting and Drawing and her MFA from Louisiana Tech University in Studio Art. Her work has been exhibited nationally in venues such as Site:Brooklyn in Brooklyn, NY, Verum Ultimum Gallery, in Portland, OR.  She has also attended national and international artist residency programs such as Taleamor Park in Indiana, Burren College of Art in Ireland, and Atelier de la Rose in France. Speer is a current faculty member of Louisiana State University, University of Louisiana at Lafayette and South Louisiana Community College.

I make works using rudimentary shapes influenced by natural and unnatural land formations, phenomena, and paradoxical happenings. I like to experiment with manipulating the balance between harmony and opposition with a visual language derived from physical and metaphysical manifestations. My goal is to create images altering the contexts of figurative entities and their related sensory information with the intention of creating new images suggestive of heterotopic environments. Emphasized by repetition, mirrored imaging, temperature gradients, neon pigments, collage elements, and gestural mark making, my works are developed with an experimental and mixed media approach.